Palliative care, the battle is ending

She has some guests here at the hospital. Her brother and sister-in-law (Steve and Liz), her sisters (Julie and Suzy), my parents, Lucy’s friend Diane, and a friend of Lucy’s family, Barb, are here. I’ll be here for the duration.

The morphine is making her a bit groggy, but she is able to talk to people. She is alert and fully cognizant. Lucy knows that there is nothing more they can do for her.

Lucy is suffering from septic shock. There are indications her bowel perforated. She is too weak for surgery and her chest X-ray showed significant damage to her organs. At this point, she will be receiving pain medication and the hospital staff will make her as comfortable as possible while she transitions from this existence. The infection is too far advanced for containment by antibiotics. She is weak enough that we may be unable to move her into a hospice or get her back home for her final days. Her vital signs did improve after receiving two units of blood, but she will be anemic again quickly.

None of us knows how much longer Lucy will be with us. However, the end will probably come rather quickly, perhaps within a couple of days. While we will not get a long slow goodbye, she is getting a chance to be with her family. I know I wanted her journey to end with a happily ever after, but I am thankful for every day I had with her.

Please pray for Lucy. She has been incredibly brave through this ordeal. Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given us. I know that has been a recurring theme in my posts, but it helped us more than you can imagine.


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  1. Ken, I’m so sorry to read your news about Lucy this morning. Both of you and your families are in my prayers.

  2. We love you, Lucy. We could not have imagined a better match for Ken. Your sense of humor, strength, and courage have seen you through many challenges. Our hearts are with you, and I hope you can feel our love surrounding you.

  3. Lucy – You continue to be in our thoughts and surrounded by love and prayers at every step of this journey. God bless you and Ken.

  4. Lucy and Ken,
    My heart hurts for you. I was shocked and very saddened by this news today.


    Your quiet strength — amazing.
    Your beautiful spirit — in it’s presence blessed.
    You dance in our thoughts — until time’s end.
    Our hearts whisper — love, love, love.
    Be free and happy — with the owls soar.

    My love, hugs, prayers and tears are consumed by you and your family.


  5. Anonymous

    Ken and Lucy,
    There are no words. I’m so very sorry to read this latest post. My prayers will continue for you two and your family for peace. My love to you Lucy!!! Dani

  6. Anonymous

    Sending prayers of love and peace to every one of you. Ginger

  7. Anonymous

    My heart goes out to you, your friends, and family. I am praying for you, Lucy and Ken.

    Liz P.

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