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On April 8, 2010, my wife, Lucy Hopperstad, was diagnosed with Stage IIIc metastatic ovarian cancer. Her battle ended April 13, 2012 but her journey continues through each of us. Thank you for your love and support!

So what does “Journey of the Teal Owl” mean? Cancer patients refer to their battle as a journey (though I would be suing the s*** out of the travel agent if I booked a journey like this!). Teal is the color representing ovarian cancer. Lucy enjoyed birds, but was particularly fascinated with owls.

Journey of the Teal Owl” started out to help friends and family stay up to date with Lucy’s battle. After her battle ended, it has evolved into documenting how I am trying to rebuild my life without Lucy. What will you find here?

  • humor – Lucy and I joked around a lot. She had a great sense of humor. Humor helped relieve some of the stress of her cancer battle. You will find obscure references, puns, jokes, and occasional sarcasm in these posts. People through the centuries have used humor to calm fear. If one can laugh at something, that something is not as scary.
  • gardening – Lucy was an avid gardener and I was pretty good at digging holes. Gardening is still an important part of my life because it helps me stay connected to the wonderful memories of our being in the gardens together.
  • music – Lucy had a broad range of music genres she enjoyed. My range is even broader. Song titles and lyrics snippets are frequently interspersed in posts.
  • literature – I read a lot, and there are many literary references throughout the blog. If you are so inclined, you can even critique my Latin grammar :-).
  • philosophy – Lucy and I loved each other and were soul-mates. We believed that love is powerful, and that belief has helped me cope with her loss.

One last note: I am not a medical professional. There is a significant amount of medical information about Lucy’s cancer battle, but I am not dispensing medical advice. I leave that for the people who have dedicated thousands of hours of education and training in obtaining their certifications and licensure, and also their years of practical experience. That trumps my “I know how to use search engines” which is why I do not have M.D. or R.N. behind my name.

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Thank you for your time and thank you for caring!

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Lucy Hopperstad

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