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“I believe in you”

The three most powerful words in the English language are “I love you”. Whether that love is between a child and parent, siblings, best friends or spouses, those three words inspire, comfort, uplift, strengthen and soothe like no others. What makes this simple phrase so powerful is the intention of the person saying the words. It lets the listener know he or she is wanted rather than needed.

A different phrase with almost the same power is “I believe in you”. Believing in one’s self is how we cope with life’s challenges. Sometimes those challenges become overwhelming and one’s self-confidence and faith flags. Having someone who genuinely cares say “I believe in you” during a low time gives a badly needed boost to one’s spirits and can give that person the extra push to keep moving forward and conquer the seemingly insurmountable challenge.

Take the time to remember when someone believed in you when you no longer believed in yourself. Do not pass up the opportunity to lift someone’s spirits. You may find yourself needed that support sometime in the future.

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