Lucy heading home today

Her home hospice care is getting set up today. She will be going home at 3:00 this afternoon. Lucy is tolerating her oral medications well. She slept about six hours last night. Her hospice nurse will meet us at home at 3:30.

Thank you for your caring during this difficult time.


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  1. Hi Butch and Lucy,
    I am sorry I have never commented before just because I really don’t know what to say. I have been praying for Lucy that she will be better soon and I have been praying for you to have the strength to help Lucy through these hard times. I have been following your tweets for a while now and I try to understand what Lucy is going through and how she has been so strong. I think of you both everyday and my prayers are with you everyday. Keep strong and give Lucy and yourself a hug from me.
    Love, Linell

  2. Anonymous

    I’m sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Lucy both.

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