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Lucy had some more visitors today. Our friend Danette, my cousin Julie, and Julie’s husband Dave were also here. We haven’t seen them for a couple of years because of job commitments, and Lucy received a pansy bowl and some oriental lily bulbs for her gardens. Lucy’s cousin Annette and her husband Al were here and dropped off a stunning bouquet. Lucy’s sister Julie came by to see how Lucy was doing. Steve dropped off a small wheeled organizer which Lucy used to put her items in. Suzy came by to give Lucy a leg massage, which was greatly appreciated.

She has been attempting solid food yesterday and today. Steve and Liz brought some beef stew yesterday and Lucy had a little of it. Today she wanted a hamburger and fries from Culver’s and ate a little of them. While she isn’t eating much, it was nice that she seems to have an appetite. She is also using her spirometer today to help keep her lungs clear. At one point she wanted to sit up on the edge of her bed for a few minutes. She is sleeping better and her abdominal pain has been manageable without pain meds.

She does have periods of extreme fatigue. Her throat is still sore despite Popsicles and throat drops. The soreness was because of the oxygen she was on at the hospital. She hardly needs oxygen here at home. Her bouts of hiccups still occur and require Thorazine, which makes her really foggy for a couple of hours.

Lucy’s hospice case manager will be here tomorrow. We’re looking forward to that meeting. I’m hoping we can set a schedule for the week.

Thank you, everyone, for all your love and support!

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