Wither, winter! Whither spring?

This week has not behaved like a typical April spring week and warrants a little word play with homonyms. On Tuesday, I took delight seeing the snow gone from my front yard and had a small patch remaining in the shady section of the back yard. Last night’s rain changed over to sleet and then snow, but the long thunder peals lasted through the first hour of snow. Two inches of heavy, sloppy slush coated everything. Last year, we had a stretch of ten days where we set or tied eight record highs; this year, we have not had eight days of at or above normal temperatures since the equinox.

The Twin Cities is under a Winter Storm Warning until Friday morning. Earlier in the week, there were indications of an 18″ snowfall potential. That has mercifully reduced to 5″-10″ and I am hoping that the forecasters are overestimating again for the sake of inflating ratings.

Weather is humbling. Humans take pride in technological advances that improve natural processes because natural processes have a high level of uncertainty. Attempts at managing weather have been futile at best and disastrous at worst. There are some things still beyond our control, and weather is towards the top of the list. It would be wonderful to prevent hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and floods but prediction tools still need much refinement first.

Life is full of uncertainty. We are all familiar with the adage “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!” I am uncertain how much snow I will get or whether I will lose power. The snowblower and generator are full of fuel and ready for use. I can hibernate for a couple of days until the snow stops and the roads clear.

I hope that winter finally withers away and we don’t have to ask where is spring. Take time to give your loved ones a meaningful hug and let them know you love them. It’s like eating your dessert first. Be careful with snow removal and commuting if it’s applicable!

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