“Warm ’nuff for ya? Cripes!”

When I heard someone utter that quote this morning in the checkout line at Cub Foods, I looked around to see if the Coen Brothers were shooting a sequel to “Fargo”. While the past several weeks have been in the mid to upper 90’s with a couple of 100+ days thrown in, today wasn’t too bad. These are air temperatures, not heat index readings, by the way. I’m sure in a few months I’ll hear someone (probably me) complaining about the cold and wind chill. For those of you in the south metro area, the Genesee condos at American Boulevard and Penn Ave. S. are nearing completion. There are a couple of interesting food places that will also open soon. One is Moe’s Southwestern Grill and the other is Which Wich. I believe these are the first in Minnesota for either chain.The El Loro’s at 84th and Lyndale opened two months ago, and there is a rib place in Eagan called Rack Shack that I want to try sometime. Lucy would have enjoyed any of these new places.

The video card in my desktop conked out in a blaze of glory this morning. Apparently two of the wires to the power connector got too close to the CPU fan. Over the course of a few days, the insulation wore away. Even at 5 volts, having a hot and a return short against each other is not a good thing. The video card went from an old GeForce GT 8800 to a dual head GeForce GTX560ti. I have to find a VGA to DVI converter to hook up a second monitor. Of course, the drivers are taking forever to load, and with Vista, I’m sure there will be the requisite and ubiquitous reboots.

There has not been a lot of rain lately. The weather folks are mentioning drought again despite our year to date rain total running 6 inches over normal. Unfortunately, the Japanese beetle harvest goes on. I think I am approaching 10 pints of beetles. As much as I hate using lawn chemicals, I’ll be dumping Grub-X on the yard this fall and next spring.

Work will be insane this week. I’m trying to enjoy a little downtime today. I do hope the pace throttles back a little. I know those of you still in the work force by and large have had to do more with less. Those of you in retail or the service industry have noticed people are not has happy as they should be, either.

Since it’s hot and people aren’t very cuddly right now, make your hugs meaningful!

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