Two weeks at home

Lucy is still with us. She has been home now for two weeks. I can honestly say that she is comfortable and relaxed. She does have some periods of tension, but I am learning how to better manage those.

The hospice volunteers have been so amazing so far. I have been administering Lucy’s comfort meds round the clock for the past four days with some dosage and timing adjustments to help keep Lucy as comfortable as possible. Having the volunteers here helps relax Lucy, and I can get some power naps or complete some errands. Checking items off a “to do” list is very satisfying. Something as simple as having lunch with my parents away from the house helps keep me refreshed.

Two Janes have been here today. Volunteer Jane did a phenomenal job at getting Lucy to relax. Her background included being a psychotherapist for a number of years in addition to working within the healthcare profession. Lucy really enjoyed the hand massages and the soothing voice. Nurse Jane checked on Lucy’s condition, reviewed the meds log, and observed how peaceful Lucy was. The meds do not need adjusting which is a relief.

I haven’t been doing daily updates because Lucy’s condition has not changed much. Our gardens, however, are surprising me with how early some of her flowers are blooming. Our miniature irises are already blooming about three weeks early. The daffodils are already done for the season, and the early tulips and lilac bushes will bloom in the next couple of days.

We are so thankful for all the love and support everyone so generously gives us. It helps gives us comfort and strength and we are so grateful to you all!

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