“There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues”

Eddie Cochran had a hit with this song in the late 1950’s. Eddie was born in Albert Lea, MN, about 12 miles north of my hometown of Emmons, MN. Tonight is Borderfest in Emmons, and for my readers attending tonight, have fun and I’ll try to make it next year. I didn’t find out about Borderfest until 6:00 pm tonight.

Anyway, Eddie was wrong. Spending time with my sisters-in-law today was a cure for the blues. Thank you, Suzy and Julie, for sharing your scarce free time with me today. I wish you knew how much it brightened my day, and I hope I brightened your each of days a bit, too. It was the first Saturday I did not go into the office since Memorial Day. I’m sure I’ll pay for it on Monday.

The three of us went to visit Carver Country Flowers and Gifts this morning. If you’re in the area, stop in and kindly support Annette and Al in the Mission: Small Business grant initiative! Their shop is also on Facebook (Julie, you were asking about this earlier). Afterwards, we got to visit my father-in-law for an hour.

I set out the Japanese beetle traps and I am getting some of the vile creatures contained. Instead of using the rather expensive disposable bags, I modified mine to use the top portion of the bag, a sprinkler system hose coupler, and some one-liter Powerade bottles. I attached the top half of the bag to the top half of the coupler with a pair of zip ties, and the bottom half of the coupler went through a hole I drilled in the Powerade bottle cap. The bottle contains a few drops of Apple Fresh Dawn dish soap in 8 oz. of water. The soap weakens the water’s surface tension and the beetles sink rather than float. There is no escape once the critters slide through the bag into the bottle. I dump the water every other day.

I managed to pick a little over a pint of berries tonight despite the mosquito onslaught. The dry spell is slowing down the berry production. There are a couple of chances for rain this week, so I’m going to let nature do the watering for me.

I hope everyone is having good weather. Enjoy some quality time with your spouse, significant other, or kids tonight.

Today's raspberry and blackberry harvest.

Today’s raspberry and blackberry harvest.

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