“The ankle bone is connected to the shin bone…”

The ankle is more complex than a single bone and “Dry Bones” was not intended as an anatomy lesson in song. It is somewhat applicable because Lucy is walking better. Her ankle is pointing forward (12 o’clock) instead of away from her body (2 o’clock). Yesterday she would walk mostly on the ball of her right foot. Today she can get her foot flat and bend it forward towards the ball. She is getting the hang of it. Today she managed to use the bathroom. Two days ago, she couldn’t walk but half that distance. The walker will be temporary.

Her hemoglobin went up from yesterday. It is now at 8.7. It’s been a couple of months since her hemoglobin has stayed steady or has risen a couple of days after a transfusion. Her platelets were 212,000 and her white count was at 5.6. Those counts have vastly improved from when she arrived nine days ago. It sounds like she is in “therapeutic range” for her INR. The Chromogenic Factor X test result was not quite in therapeutic range. Dr. Thurmes came by and explained the results. His feeling is Lucy will be in the hospital until at least Sunday now. Lovenox injections might have been an option, but Lucy was on those for her clots. The heparin is working and they monitor and adjust the dosage as needed.

Lucy managed a walk of about 100 feet tonight with only a small stop to turn her walker around. The Physical Therapy people commented on how pleased they were with the distance. She got her exercise in tonight. There is a Meditation Sanctuary on this floor that she wants to see because of the water feature.

In addition to the various hospital staff in and out of her room today, Lucy had some visitors. Her supervisor and supervisor’s supervisor came by for about 45 minutes. Anh-Thu brought in a beautiful flower arrangement that she had designed. Lucy has some really great co-workers!

Lucy’s sister Julie came by tonight for a couple of hours and brought us some lemon chicken from Leeann Chin. The hospital food is all right, but has a limited menu selection. Lucy does not have dietary restrictions. It was really nice seeing Julie!

Lucy is staying positive. She does get frustrated at times, and so do I. We know this journey will be a battle and there will always be unknowns. That is why the victories both large and small are cause for celebration.

Thank you, everyone!

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