Snow job

Things are coming back to normal after the snow event that enveloped the upper Midwest Monday night. Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport reported 9.4″ total snowfall for the storm. Tuesday’s road conditions were terrible in the morning but improved by late afternoon. Keeping the driveway cleared after several passes by the city’s snow removal equipment provided enough cardiovascular activity for the week.

Friday night I attended Annette’s birthday party at her shop. Carver is a small quaint town and I believe the majority of the populace attended throughout the evening. Al gave a very touching birthday speech for Annette that made the evening even more special. One of my fortune cookies had the following fortune: “You have a charming way with words and should write a book”. I leave that for you, the reader, to decide.

While I was driving to meet Suzy and Julie on Sunday, I saw a large white raptor flying near the Minnesota River. The airport has had snowy owl sightings reported this winter and the Minnesota River flows just southeast of the main terminal.

Spring is showing more influence even though Winter may have briefly regained the upper hand. I saw several bald eagles circling my route from Bloomington to St. Louis Park. House finch songs are filling the air. Maple tree sap is running judging by the drops on my driveway and the lilac leaf buds are swelling. Hawks are soaring in pairs. Potholes dot the roadways and the ubiquitous orange cones and detours are appearing on schedule. The dead season of winter is transitioning to the rebirth season of spring.

I neglected to include a picture of the blooming forsythia cutting in my last post. It is part of this edition. The leaf buds are starting to appear and the flowers will fade in another week or so. Enjoy your spring sightings and give your loved ones a hug!

Forsythia cutting in full bloom

Forsythia cutting in full bloom

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