“Silver Threads Among the Gold” (25th wedding anniversary)

Today Lucy and I would have celebrated our silver (25th) wedding anniversary. The post title is a love song from 1873, where an ailing elderly man professes his love for his wife. In his eyes, she is as young and beautiful as when he first met her even though many years have passed.

We never had the chance to grow old together. Cancer stole that future from us just as cancer eventually stole her life. For all of the things cancer stole from Lucy during her battle, it never stole her love for me, her love for her family, her love for her friends, or her love for life. She fought hard to steal back precious time from the cancer and for that I will always love her and I will always miss her. She did not lose her battle.

I had thought today would be a very difficult day to get through, but I was wrong. Julie found time in her busy day to meet me for lunch. A half-hour spent with someone smiling brightens up a difficult day. After lunch, I went to the cemetery, gave Lucy a bouquet, and spent some time with her. I wish I could take her to dinner as we normally did for our anniversaries.

Please remember Lucy and give your loved ones a meaningful hug from her. Thank you for your love and support today.

25th anniversary bouquet

Happy 25th anniversary, Lucy! I love you and I miss you.

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