“Photographs and Memories”

Lucy’s obituary ran today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Mesabi Daily News newspapers.

The funeral home will put together a DVD that will play during the visitation. I will be supplying 30 photographs tomorrow morning so the production gets done before the service on Saturday.

Steve and Liz invited me over for dinner tonight. I really appreciated getting out and spending time with them. I brought along a CD with about 90 scanned photos of Lucy. I knew this would help me select the 30 I need. While going through the pictures, I ran across some I had forgotten about. The memories were so soothing. I’ll miss Lucy for the remainder of my time here, but the wonderful memories of our time together ease most of the pain.

I was thinking about having a tribute board displayed during the visitation. The funeral service will be short and simple per Lucy’s request so there is no time for people speaking during the service. By having the written tributes, people can honor Lucy. I will make the tributes available on the blog as quickly as I can afterwards since I know there are a number of people who cannot attend. If you would like to leave a tribute, please email it to tealowljourney@gmail.com. I’ll mask your email address. Any tributes brought the day of the service will get transcribed and posted later.

The post title is a Jim Croce song from 1972.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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