Lucy was my rock

Lucy is in her final resting place today. Her inurnment service was at 1:00 this afternoon. The weather was beautiful and Rev. Naumann did an outstanding job at the service.

After my brother died fifteen years ago, Lucy and I decided on cremation after we left this world. We had visited Dawn Valley Memorial Park a couple of times while doing my family history research around ten years ago. Lucy had commented how much she liked Dawn Valley.

We both loved the outdoors. Lucy had gathered some interesting rocks through the years, which we have incorporated into our landscaping. When I was looking for a resting place for us, the boulder gardens were a unique feature. It was very appropriate. Lucy was my rock.

The boulder below is the one we will be sharing eternity. Lucy gets the right side, just as she did at home. The marker will be ready in about six weeks.

Our final resting place

Our final resting place

She is the farthest from our neighbors, is in the highest spot, and has the best view. There is a nature preserve close by. I saw red wing blackbirds, Canadian geese, goldfinches, and cardinals, and I heard bluebirds and robins before the service. We are close to a pond, marsh, trees including pines, a grassy area, and a flower garden. It’s very peaceful and I know Lucy would have selected the same spot.

Be sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them tonight.

Resting place view

We have the boulder at bottom right. The three rocks behind us are decoration; the rose quartz is stunning.

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  1. Ken, this is beautiful. I know you described it to me the last time we spoke, but to see it makes all the difference. I’m sure she is at peace in that serene place. And how metaphorical, as you say she was your rock. Do you know – you were also hers.

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