“How low can you go?”

That’s a great question to ask someone doing the limbo dance, but not for Lucy’s hemoglobin level. She had a port draw today and came in at 5.3. We knew she was getting low because her low energy level and pale color. That necessitated an immediate transfusion at Fairview Southdale. We arrived at 6:00 pm. It sounds like she will receive two units, and if all goes well, she’ll go home around 1:00 am. Her first unit started at 9:00 pm and each unit takes between 1½ – 2 hours.

Her stomach and intestinal problems greatly improved after the Augmentin completed. Her oncologist suggested she eat yogurt twice a day to help with the noise and slight queasiness. Antibiotics knock the helpful bacteria in the gut for an unfortunate loop. It will take a couple of days for her system to re-balance itself.

Lucy’s leg is almost normal sized again. We will have to lotion her leg a couple of times per day to help soften the skin. That will help with the tightness she feels. Both ankles are much less swollen and loosening up. Her walking speed is increasing though she still needs the walker.

At this point, she has not started her Hexalen yet (the oral chemotherapy). I think she wants to start it tomorrow depending on how her digestive issues are doing.

The extremely warm weather we are experiencing has been very beneficial to Lucy’s gardens. The east side gardens have irises, tulips and daffodils about 3″ tall. Her blue flax is back and some of it is 6″ tall already! No signs of the sqills, snowdrops, or crocuses yet, but they are buried under several inches of leaves. The lilacs and maple trees have leaf buds on them. She also has sedum popping up. A few of the forecasts are hinting at 80°F a couple times in the five-day forecast. That will drive the frost completely out of the soil.

We hope you are enjoying decent weather where you are. Thank you for making the time to support Lucy!


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  1. Keep the faith Ken! Good to see you on Sunday! Hope this May-like weather is good for you guys. How fun to have stuff up already in the garden!
    Take care,

  2. When things can’t possibly get lower… they do. The journey through illness has so many twists, turns, peaks and valleys. Hemoglobin, however, we would like to see with only the peaks! I’ve struggled with ongoing anemia myself for a few years now. It’s a strange but definite feeling when it starts to drop. I pray that this begins to stabilize for you soon Lucy.

    Something that I’ve learned that works really well to soften the skin is regular, pure coconut oil. The same stuff you find in the grocery store and use in cooking. It may seem a little greasy but it works great on the skin. It’s the only thing that helped my father-in-laws skin.

    Through all the gray I hope you can find the brightness of hope and see good, healthy, happy and active days ahead.

    Love and Hugs.

  3. There is also something call Sweet Bee Magic. I really love this stuff. I have REALLY dry, tight skin on my hands. This stuff really helps! it goes on a little greasy but soaks in pretty quickly and leaves the skin soft and smooth.


    You can usually find it at CoOp grocery stores like The Wedge in Minneapolis, Mississippi Market, LakeWinds and maybe Whole Foods. Or you can order through their website.

    More love and hugs!

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