Home sweet home

Yesterday was spent getting settled in at home. Lucy wanted to how her ankle would react to the home setting. That went better than either of us expected. No problems navigating with the walker, she can stand for more than a couple minutes, and she has cut way back on the pain meds. She is still doing her physical therapy exercises and her energy level is still pretty good.

Today we took a trip to Lions Tap in Eden Prairie. It got her out of the house for a bit, they have great burgers, and she had a birthday coupon. We took her walker along, but it turned out she managed OK without it. I noticed she didn’t need much support when I held her arm. She still has discomfort in her ankle and her knee is still a touch stiff. There is no way she can drive yet. Her leg bothers her more if she sits for extended periods of time.

Tomorrow she has some blood tests to ensure her Coumadin dose is still correct. The test is later in the afternoon so the results may not be known until Friday.

We know this posting isn’t as action packed as the hospital posts, but we’re having a lot more fun!


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  1. I’d rather you be out and having fun – don’t worry about short posts – go PLAY!!!

  2. Yeah, I am so excited that things are looking up. It has got to be so frustrating to not be able to get around like you did before, but you are such a trooper. I can’t wait until you feel good enough for us to celebrate together. I hope all goes well today. I’m off to the science fair for Morgan in Big Lake at 9AM. God Bless.

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