Happy Father’s Day

I’ve been battling some sort of stomach bug for the past four days and I’m still putting in a bit of overtime at work. So to my father and father-in-law, your Father’s Day cards will be a day or two late. To the both of you, thank you for all your support and patience. It has made me a better person.

I’m starting to figure out some of the concepts of the various technologies, but it’s been a slow process. It’s frustrating because I usually pick up programming languages and other technologies very quickly. I’m looking at the process as “short-term pain for long-term gain”. The questionable part is defining “short-term”.

We’re out of the monsoon season, but we are still getting enough rain so that I have not had to water anything but the pansy bowl in front and the Impatiens in back. The mini glads have shot out of the ground, the dahlias and cannas are over a foot tall, and the mystery Delphinium I moved earlier in the season is a deep purple. Lucy only bought true blue Delphiniums so this one is courtesy of a bird. All the shrub roses are in full bloom and the climbing rose has bountiful blooms. Lucy’s lilies are looking better than ever. I’ll be picking about a pint of blackberries in a couple of weeks and five or six quarts of raspberries in early July. Lucy loved this time of year when everything was blooming and green. I’m sure she is happy her gardens are doing so well.

For those of you who can, give your father (or father figure) a big hug today. Trust me, they have earned it!

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