Happy birthday, Lucy 2014

Please take a moment to remember Lucy on her birthday.

Getting to her resting place was a bit challenging. They plowed the cemetery driveway, of course, but in the process of plowing, but they accidentally filled in the two foot wide path I shoveled with a five foot tall by five foot deep pile of hardened snow. Today was much colder than normal with a slight breeze. Of course, even a gentle breeze in single digit temperatures creates double-digit below zero wind chill.

Thank you for the love and support you gave to Lucy during her cancer battle. Thank you for remembering her and keeping her memory alive. Give your special someone a meaningful hug and cherish the time you have with that person.

Heart for Lucy

I wired the heart to Lucy’s Christmas wreath today.

Digging through a 5 foot drift

The cemetery plowed the driveway, but clogged the path I had shoveled. It was piled about five feet high and about five feet deep.

Photo ofLucy Hopperstad
Lucy Hopperstad

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