“As the day gives way to the night…”

As the day gives way to night,
I miss you having by my side,
My heart is singing the song to say,
I miss you more than words can say.

Author Unknown

The above quote is so appropriate for Lucy, especially on a warm spring night. We have a love seat glider rocker in the porch and we would sit together listening to the world winding down, watching the sunlight become twilight and seeing the solar lights around the gardens alight.

Tonight was one of those warm spring nights we have hoped for since the first frost last autumn. An irate robin seemingly complained about something for several minutes. In the distance, a small dog was incessantly yapping, probably upset at being let outside at a time when the odds of becoming coyote kibble increased significantly. Living in a city of 85,000 people does not make my backyard immune to human made noises. One of the truly annoying sounds wafting through this evening was from a small four-cylinder car (probably running on three cylinders by the sound of it) with a glass pack muffler. I believe the drive felt the noisy exhaust made the car sound mightier. To me, it sounded like a flatulent mosquito.

Even with the brief noise interruptions, the night is starting peacefully. Strong breezes have become calm, the humidity is slowly creeping up as the temperature heads in the opposite direction. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, and it should be enough to water the Wave petunias, gomphrena, double impatiens, and black and blue salvia planted late this afternoon. Black and blue salvia attracts hummingbirds, and there have been reports of ruby-throated hummingbirds spotted in the Twin Cities. I am worried the salvia may attract Miley Cyrus, but I doubt she reads this blog, and she is not in my Facebook friends list.

A peaceful night is always a welcomed way to spend an evening. Daytime summer activities like walks and bicycle rides are increasing in frequency and duration. Now that the Twins are doing somewhat better as of late, perhaps attending a game is in order. The nights are getting warmer and it is time to be with friends around a bonfire while we solve Corporate America’s problems, lament the local sports teams, discuss philosophy and spirituality, reminisce and laugh a lot.

I hope you enjoy a peaceful night wherever you are. If you are lucky to have a special someone near you, give that person a really long and meaningful hug. Here’s hoping I won’t be awakened by some caterwauling person twerking with a raccoon in my backyard. Maybe I’ll move the salvia indoors tonight.


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