Change is in the air

In the Upper Midwest of the United States, autumn is the season with the most dramatic changes. Peak fall color is about a week or two away from the Twin Cities metro area and it appears the fall colors will be the most vibrant in many years. The past several years have seen unfavorable conditions for fall color. Too much wind, too much heat, too early a snowfall, or too little rain contributed to sub-par colors.

This month has seen several of my friends starting new jobs in the next couple of weeks. I have noticed that September and October seem to be peak times for intra-company job postings. From my management days, I performed nearly all my performance reviews in October. Most corporations in the United States have a fiscal year that follows the calendar year. Fourth quarter budgets most often had salary increases and bonus line items. It helped with budgeting for the next fiscal year.

In one friend’s case, the new job originated with a chance conversation with someone in a different department. Corporate decision-making often times proceeds at a glacial pace and slowly builds momentum. When one is working in a high-pressure environment with uncooperative team members, the glacial pace seems never-ending. That story had a happy ending Friday late afternoon with a celebration Friday evening. Celebrating someone’s good fortune is always pleasant. Celebrating while dining outdoors in perfect weather is even more pleasant.

This year’s weather had a dearth of perfect days. Last night was a Goldilocks evening. It was not too cold, not too warm, not too windy, no bugs and no precipitation; it was just right. Today’s stronger breezes caused the ash trees to start raining down yellow and ocher colored leaves forming a thin blanket on the ground. Maple trees and sumac bushes have noticeably more color. Squirrels have turned lawns into something that looks like cluster bomb testing took place. Even though the days are warmer than average, the shorter days and low humidity cause the temperature to drop rather quickly after sundown. Change is in the air. Congratulations to everyone starting a new job or retiring. Good luck on your new adventure. Whether you are experiencing early autumn or early spring, I hope your weather is pleasant and you get a chance to enjoy the changes.


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  1. Mary Davis

    I love your phrase – a “Goldilock evening”. I am going to use that, if I may!

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