“Back In The Saddle”

Aerosmith’s song is “Back In The Saddle” while Gene Autry’s is “Back In The Saddle Again“. They are completely different songs and lyrics, but both are appropriate for this post.

The blog is back in the saddle after a hardware issue. Unfortunately, I was running an out-of-date WordPress extension that was responsible for making backups of the content and the backups are useless. I will be back-filling the missing posts over the next week. It does give me a chance to make some subtle changes and to clean up some of the cruft that accumulates over time.

I have been back in the bicycle saddle again when the weather has permitted. It’s not as exciting as a motorcycle saddle (it’s been over 30 years for me), but the challenge of riding either a shorter hilly trail or a longer flatter trail is nice. Lucy and I would ride about 200 miles per year, and I miss my riding partner. It dawned on me I have not been horseback riding in over 45 years, so I may have to add that to my activity list…if I can find a place to ride and a riding partner who wants to laugh hysterically at my attempt to stay on the horse. I am sure it would be the next viral video on YouTube.

The past fifteen months have seen me attempt to get back in the saddle to move forward with my life. It hasn’t been easy and my seemingly getting bucked off the spooked horse and then trampled by the buffalo herd several times reminds me that life has challenges. We see rodeo riders get bucked off and get right back on the horse. Sometimes the injuries are serious and the rider needs some time to recuperate. Getting back on does not ensure a smooth ride and that pesky buffalo herd sometimes roars back into the picture. I’m learning a new way to ride and hope I can stay on. You all have been wonderful with helping me to my feet and dusting me off so I can try again. And again. And again.

Three friends have gotten back in the saddle and started new relationships; all are at different stages, and I am overjoyed for each of them. Each had a previous relationship end badly and each is proceeding with caution. After all, getting bucked off is quite unpleasant. There is also overcoming the feeling of wondering if something is going to wrong because everything is going well; the cost of the previous relationship abruptly ending is the price for today’s happiness. It is probably strange spending time with someone new; I have experienced that just having a cup of coffee or going for a walk with a¬†female friend. For all of my friends in their new relationships, I hope you stay happy, that things continue to progress wonderfully, and that your happiness turns to joy.

I know some people have problems seeing a couple get affectionate after a loss or divorce, but it really doesn’t bother me. The staged crap on TV is bothersome to me because of how false it is. Seeing a couple holding hands or walking arm-in-arm is different. Lucy and I acted like newlyweds our entire married life. We kept each other young because we were filled with joy. Instead of feeling sad that I no longer have that sort of affection, I am happy that I was blessed to have it for all those years. Seeing their joy is comforting and it brightens my day. I had an incredible ride with Lucy and I will always treasure that.

It is time to get out of the saddle for this evening. Give your special someone an extra hug for me. Life is a long ride, but it is so much better when you have a riding partner you enjoy. Happy trails!

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